Who are we?

XL services are provided by TAC, a new solo consultancy.

ACA qualified in accounting, with a diploma in project management and a Certificate IV in small business we are ready to go the extra mile to get the outcome you seek. Click to the right to go to a separate website for more information.


The goal is to outperform, through cost effective excel solutions to information issues.


We have experience in all aspects of excel necessary to produce requires solutions and models:

  1. structure and layout - gettting the input / processing / output sequence correct
  2. formulae and functions - the grunt in the process from the universal lookups to dBase formulas
  3. report design - where xl shines, with graphics and tables
  4. user defined functions - though XL comes packed with functions there are still times when a full customised  small calculation can be hugely useful
  5. drop down lists - for selecting single or multiple parameters
  6. dashboard graphics - the dials and gauges to run your business
  7. formats and themes 
  8. menus, action buttons and custom dialog boxes
  9. automation with vba and macros
  10. pivot tables / charts for sorting and grouping tables, to summarise 000s rows of data 
  11. lists and filters - data mining 

Planning and small business

We have a special interest in planning for small business and project management and have completed the NSW Enterprise Workshop program.


"Write your own, we'll sign it" - Westpac RAMS
"You could get a job anywhere" - CBA 
"Outstanding" - Bankwest

Previous Client list

Previous assignments include Hanson / Pioneer, Westpac Rams, BankWest, Remondis, Challenger, HSBC and Macquarie Bank.



Based in Potts Point Sydney, for the metro area, and willing to work online with clients in any location.




About TAC

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