Finance for business plans
- Excel

We can help with the numbers. Ask about a larger version of the template spreadsheet on this page, with additional tabs for ratios and project planning.

Or to enquire about assistance with development of your own custom planning system.

Turning Business plans into reality

- first steps

Measure the progress of your business

With the right people and some initial sales in place, one of the next priorities is the setting up of good systems to control the numbers. As the business grows, information explodes. Maintaining good records enables better decision making and adds to the resale value of the business when the time comes.

Call to discuss how we could help customise excel for your back office.



Free template

 The finance section of a plan is placed at the end but is crucial to its viability. Three key statements - profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow should ideally be linked and updatable, together with sales projections and capital budget spend.

We can work with you to link the various sections of the plan. Below is a free downloadable spreadsheet which can be used as a template and developed in any way required, or call us to see where we can assist :

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