Finance Control and your information system 

Ask how we can assist with the system you need to produce meaningful reports and make better decisions to control finance and operations, after the planning and set up stages. 

With all the advances in system packages, spreadsheets are still invaluable in finance control and we have experience in working with various models to achieve financial outcomes from bookkeeping to reporting in the following areas :

A strategic vision, robust operations plan and strong cash flow

A sound business needs the combination of strategic thinking, a flexible operating budget and robust cashflow management to turn the dream into reality.

Finance Control in Action

Particularly in the early stages finance control means cash control and the cycle of funding never stops. Custom analysis can help at all stages:

  1. funds to get going
  2. turning the funding plan into operating budgets 
  3. day to day reports to control use of cash
  4. profitability analysis and decision feedback
  5. subsequent funding in the right mix to keep going

Dashboards, metrics and reports can help keep track of the financial results

There will always be requirements for tailor made reports which is where excel and we can come in. 


Tips for Growth - finance

From the finance perspective:

  1. estimate seed capital
  2. make the investment assumptions - major assets, investments and estimates for working capital - cash, debtors, creditors
  3. organise funding
  4. understand the difference between profit and cashflow and plan for it
  5. develop robust operational plans from your vision and goals
  6. play the venture capital game - pre/post money valuations, share issues, loans
  7. develop good reporting metrics 

Last word - "don't sell crap" - Steve Jobs 🙂