Increase excel productivity

macros and vba

Faster and more reliable reporting via automation will help to demonstrate to bankers and investors that a business is on top of its numbers, and information to support decision making will be available quicker.


How we can help

We have wide knowledge of vba code for automation of all major functions of excel. Call for a chat through what is do-able and cost effective with excel to achieve your outcomes.


Some of the challenges we can assist with

Do you need a new customised formula to use on a spreadsheet to perform a specific repetitive calculation?  A user defined function (UDF) may help and we can assist in the design.

Do you want to automate repetitive tasks ? Using the macro recorder will work but vba is superior.

Do you need buttons on your workbooks to control workflow? A user form can be used to produce custom design dialog box.


How to create a series of linked workbooks or sheets

How do you keep all your reports in sync?

  1. Profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow
  2. Flexi - budgetting, cost, volume, profit
  3. Break even
  4. Decision making and what if scenarios
  5. Data analysis, sorting, grouping and extracting

There is no easy solution to create robust links. However to some extent macros can be added to automate tasks, improve accuracy and speed or reporting while reducing risk of error.


The next level, perhaps less well known, involves assigning "events" to worksheets which fire macros when certain conditions are met, for example an automatic recalc on exiting a sheet.

Alone or in combination macros and events can start to build automated procedures with quicker turnaround times for report production. We can assist in this process.