What we do

TAC provides tactical / interim spreadsheet solutions to routine and one-off business and accounting needs  on short term assignment basis. Client training if necessary and ongoing support negotiable.

Onsite or online, we can work with with flexible fees and provide regular updates on progress. 

Unique solutions

What do you need right now?

Call to discuss your current needs. For example:

  1. a customised budget / forecast template
  2. a dashboard refresh
  3. a specific calculation that needs modelling
  4. macros and vba 
  5. a simple desktop database to organise your business information

or if you just need some extra hours to get over a busy period, pick up the phone (043 9465 057) to see how we can help. 

The risk

For small assignments as a special offer there is no risk - pay only on successful completion. Interim billing would be negotiated for larger commitments, with periodic reviews.

Our approach

We will work with you to understand requirements and best approach then create a outline prototype for review and approval before proceeding further.

Technical stuff

We have extensive experience in all aspects of excel necessary to produce requires solutions and models:

  1. structure and layout - getting the input / processing / output sequence correct
  2. formulae and functions - the grunt in the process from the universal lookups to dBase formulas
  3. report design - where xl shines, with graphics and tables
  4. user defined functions - though XL comes packed with functions there are still times when a full customised  small calculation can be hugely useful
  5. drop down lists - for selecting single or multiple parameters
  6. dashboard graphics - the dials and gauges to run your business
  7. formats and themes 
  8. menus, action buttons and custom dialog boxes
  9. automation with vba and macros
  10. pivot tables / charts for sorting and grouping tables, to summarise 000s rows of data 
  11. lists and filters - data mining 


Call us to chat about involvement in any data or accounting project including but not limited to dashboards, profit and loss, plans, balance sheets, repetitive calculations, modelling specific outcomes and databases (using advanced filters).

Flexibility and Scalability

Do you have an upgrade for a new product / location / channel in mind? We can help with the necessary changes.

Rates are negotiable 

Rates can be fixed or hourly, depending on the nature of the job.

BAS services provided by ABNBAS

Special Offer

Opening for business! Building on a range of corporate experience TAC is setting up independently. To get the ball rolling we have a try before buy offer. Get a free planning session to discuss needs then for small projects pay only on successful completion:

  1. Excel spreadsheet design and troubleshooting
  2. Access database design - if spreadsheets get outgrown
  3. MIS - setting up dashboards and metrics
  4. Increasing productivity with VBA and macros